Published On: June 7, 2023

Following the successful construction and completion of the new Cardiac Catheterisation Laboratory (Lab 02) at the end of 2021, by Moston Construction Ltd.

Brendan Merry and Partners and the project Design Team (Hannon Meehan Architects, Garland and Delap & Waller) were delighted to be given the go ahead to continue with remaining phases of the Project back in early 2023.

This project is extremely complex and involves the sectional completion of another 5 Phases of work, in order to allow the Client to rotate staff from one area to another between each Phase. In addition to this, the project will involve a significant portion of the works to be carried out outside of normal working hours in order to ensure that both the Cath Lab that was completed last year and one other existing Cath Lab remain fully operational for the duration of the works and,

The Scope of this Multi-Phased project includes the: –

– Reconfiguration out of the existing Respiratory, Cardiology and Reception areas into a New Recovery Area for Patients.
– Redevelopment of the existing Cath Lab Day Centre and ancillary areas to be developed into MPB and Clinical FAC Offices, Cleaners Store, Dignity Room and Waiting Area.
– Refurbishment of the existing MRI Waiting Area including the provision of forming a new Office adjacent to these works.
– Removal of one of the existing Cath Labs and ancillary Rooms, reconfiguring the layout to suit the latest technological equipment.

The project is currently out to Tender, and we expect the Tender to be returned at the end of June.

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