Published On: April 30, 2019

Brendan Merry & Partners were delighted to be appointed by South Dublin County Council as part of a very experienced international multi-disciplinary Design Team for the development of a Delivery Plan for an enhanced visitor experience at Corkagh Park.

Corkagh Park is located near the Naas Road stretching towards Clondalkin. Opened to the public in 1986, it consists of 120 hectares and was formerly part of Corkagh Demesne. Corkagh Park has its origins in a manor house and its estate and includes the old Corkagh Demense and land on both sides of the Camac River.>

The Team is headed up by the UK based firm Tyréns who are one of Europe’s leading integrated design, environment, mobility and infrastructure consultancies specialising in the delivery of high-quality solutions that promote sustainable place-making, economic regeneration and community wellbeing. The practice, known for its unique research and development, medium size and sustainability focus grounded in its Swedish origins, has been delivering open space design and enhancement projects for over 50 years.

Our team also includes Fourth Street, who are specialist consultants for business planning for unique and unusual visitor destinations. At the core of Fourth Street’s service is a keen understanding of the market, the drivers of a competent business model, and the key ingredients of places that succeed. The founding directors each have over 18 years of experience advising on more than 250 destinations including numerous cultural and heritage attractions, commercial visitor attractions, major event programmes, parks and open spaces, and mixed-use developments.

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